AYURVEDA offers practical guideline for living which are applicable to every fact of daily existence. It enhances the wellbeing, longevity and harmony to them, who  practice it.
KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE (Constitution)
We can see how our bodies are unique expressions of nature’s intelligence. Each body has a unique code of “Dosha” causing mind and body type. By knowing this we can understand the different qualities of every human being.
In Personal consultation – discussion of your all health concerns which helps to design a complete treatment plan. It ensures the optimal health.
It is the process of Detoxification and Rejuvenation of the body. Intense cleansing programme completely transforms the body feeling and results in revitalization and more youthfulness. It is helpful for both healthy and diseased person to restore life and treat illnesses.Panchakarma includes Medicated emesis, Purgation, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshana.
Skin & Hair Problems Cholesterol
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic anxiety
Sinus Problems Digestive Complaints
Hyper Acidity Diabetes
Neck and back pain Arthritis
Gynaecological Concerns Eye Strain
Asthma Obesity
Depression Paralysis
Backache Spondylitis
Cardiological concerns*
Full Body Massage Shirodhara Vaman
Head Massage Shiro Basti Virechan
Spinal Massage Netra Basti Anuvasan Basti
Nadi Sweda Kati Basti Niruh Basti
Pinda Sweda Hriday Basti Ratamokshana
Patra Pottal Sweda Agnikarma Nasya
Designed to beat the demand of modern life style and stress. It takes mind and body into natural state of balance.

*Our Clinic treats all kinds of chronic heart diseases e.g. angina, hypertension, high cholesterol problems, blockages in heart, chronic heart failure. Firstly there is consultations about specific heart problems, recommendation on life style management, diet, yoga. Afterwards follows special type of panchakarma like hrud dhara, hrud basti, etc. and medicines.

Ayurveda can prevent bypass and angioplasty in cardiac patients.

The bypass with Ayurveda – life style, yoga, panchakarma and medicines.

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